Wednesday, August 31, 2005

World's Skinniest House?

Skinny house on market with a fat price tag

By The Associated Press

Photo -- Michael Stephens / AP

LONDON — This thin house requires a bankroll that's fairly fat.

A home in London that measures a bit more than 5 feet at its skinniest and 9 feet, 11 inches at its widest is up for sale for $933,868, estate agents said yesterday.

The narrow home is spread over five levels and used to be a hat shop before being converted into living quarters.

Real-estate company Winkworths described the house as being "utterly amazing and almost certainly unique."

Its bathroom features a medium-size tub that takes up the length of the tiny room.

Other features of the property in the Shepherds Bush neighborhood of west London — popular with media professionals and close to the British Broadcasting Corp.'s headquarters — include a narrow kitchen, dining area, reception room, three bedrooms, a shower room, dressing room, patio, small garden and a roof terrace that boasts panoramic views.


Hey if you're like me (inquiring minds want to know!) you're now also wondering what the inside of this house looks like. I found a slideshow on BBC online here.

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