Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Good Wife's Guide -- 1955

Oh boy! Am I gonna get it on this one -- from an article in the 1955 Housekeeping Monthly for women. Click on the title picture below to see the entire article:

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Chickadeeva said...

I'm no fundamentalist square, but I am a wife who thinks if more wives respected the hard world of a man, more women would consider the spirit of the article over the rules of it and consider trying a little tenderness and humility.

I know when I was a single mom, working in a man's world all day, agressively pursuing career, I found myself becoming more appreciative of the hard work my ex-husband pursued in order for me to stay home with my child.

Now, I'm re-married - and I stay home by choice (and privilige). I know how hard my man works, and I think he deserves a little tenderness when he gets home.

If that means I spruce myself up a little (lipstick, combed hair) and I make sure the house is welcoming then its a small price to pay for the brave men who pull it in daily.

I know, I know, the labors of home are labors too, but when in a marriage, a little humilty goes a long way for a woman. Instead of home being a place he wants to get out of as soon as possible (and work long hours to avoid) its a place he feels secure and welcomed.

I have found that there is enough 'freedom' in my life as a woman that the idea of 'submitting' to a man is not as degrading as it has been made out to sound.