Monday, August 15, 2005

North Korea News Site (NOT!)

The NK News site is a tongue-in-cheek masterpiece by San Franciso artist, Geoff Davis. Like most of us, he's been bitten by a natural love for North Korean press releases that denounce "imperialist ogres" and "class enemies." So he spent a few weeks and created his "News" site. Fun!

To quote the lead-in from the site itself, "NK News is a searchable database of North Korean propaganda. This site contains nearly every article published on the KCNA's website, in English and Spanish, since Dec 2, 1996--over 50 MB of hard-core Stalinist propaganda! And each article written in that unique and indelible style of the KCNA."

I especially like the Random Insult Generator link on the Home Page. Get insulted with every nasty name that Kim Jung-Il has ever called any of his enemies. Why get left out? Get your daily insult now!

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