Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's a Probiotic?

Well, I've recently gotten off a week of strong antibiotics for an infected tooth and it's done wonders for my system. Antibiotics tend to be really indiscriminate in that they just go in there and kill just about everything -- good and bad. Kind of like going after a mosquito with a shotgun. But sometimes it's also the only thing that works in a hurry. What they don't tell you to do after taking antibiotics is that you should try to re-build all the good bacteria back in your digestive system once they're done. I generally take acidopholus and eat yogurt to try and get things back to normal. Recently, Dannon has introduced their new Activia line of yogurts that contain probiotics: good bacteria. You can read more about Dannon's Activia products here. And learn more about Probiotics on their special section here.

In many Asian cultures (no pun intended), they've been serving and selling foods specifically for what ails you for many centuries. Some soup shops I've been taken into actually specialize in just one kind of soup just for one kind of ailment. I think we're about to see a new trend in the West to introduce foods that are good for you. I'm not getting paid for this plug but I feel it's something well worth sharing.

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