Friday, February 17, 2006

Latest Damn Windows Updates

I got another one of those Windows XP Update notices today and went ahead with the automatic update. Not long after my notebook re-booted following the update, my Norton AntiVirus program popped up and informed me that it had expired. After eventually finding and buying a 5-user CD-only version online, I looked more closely at my annoying Norton reminder popup once again and realized that it was telling me that my Trial Period was over and that I needed to ACTIVATE it (or else). After going through a short online activation process with Symantec's server, my AntiVirus was back up and running once again. At that point, I was then able to check Norton's settings to discover that my AntiVirus was NOT expiring until Dec. 2006! So who's going to pay me back for my purchase?

Just so you understand why I'm posting this on my blog, some of you may recall something that appeared minor on the Newswires over the past couple of days (I know I sure didn't pay a lot of attention to it). Something to the effect that the new XP updates were "Disabling Norton Antivirus" or something like that. Well, it did more than just "Disable it." Where's my money, Bill? I hope Symantec sues your collective asses off.

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