Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pictorial History of Hard Drives from c/net

When I first got into programming in the late 60's, the IBM 360/30 ruled the computer industry. They were huge monsters that required huge rooms to house them; the floors were elevated to accommodate all the wiring and the temperature and humidity were constantly regulated to maintain optimal conditions (for the computers, NOT the people running them!). On some nights, you could freeze your ass off in there even with a suit and tie on! At the point I left programming for the first time, hard drives were beginning to make a splash, replacing all manner of storage quickly. And I still remember the old punch cards and key tapes -- nasty!

Anyway, c/net has put together a brief history of the hard drive, complete with pictures. The cost is pretty hard to believe considering our cost per gigabyte today (gigabyte!!!). And some of them didn't even look too bad either.

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