Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Choose Your Own Tartan, Laddie!

I always knew that Lee was also a Scottish name and used to have fun with people on the phone who almost certainly never suspected my Asian roots when they heard my lack of an accent (why would I have one? I was born and brought up on the Queen's English in Canada!). Still, growing up in Nova Scotia with all those kilts and bagpipes on those rolling hills can make one long for the homeland, laddie!

I recently came across this site -- Interactive Weaver on the House of Tartan site -- where you can pick your own colors, the order to weave them in, as well as your thread count, so they can actually weave you your very own family tartan.

Ah, the Internet -- what a concept! Eventually, I see anyone anywhere being able to look up a craftsperson directly online in some remote village and placing an order directly for his/her handiwork. In the meantime, enjoy that kilt!

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