Saturday, May 06, 2006

Top 10 Movie Car Chases from MSN

I still remember the feeling of being on a roller coaster when I first watched Steve McQueen doing the car chase up and down the streets of San Francsico in his souped-up Mustang. I completely agree with MSN Auto's choice of Bullitt as the top car chase in any movie... ever. Here's the link to their Top 10.

Check out some of the clips.


Thomas said...

Where is "The French Connection"?

crazyinseattle said...

Nothing brings out more comments than a Top 10 List! But I wish my friends would post their comments directly on this Blog! Anyway, the MSN link was actually based on a new book by Jesse Crosse: The Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time. When I look at all the other movie car chase scenes I've personaly enjoyed over 4 decades, I'd have to agree that The French Connection ranks right up there with the rest of them. This may be inspiration to pull together a list of more Top Car Chase Scenes for another post. How about the Matrix (even though it was CG)?