Wednesday, May 24, 2006

BMW Books

I still remember several years ago when BMW produced some of the first viral marketing movies for distribution on their site. Among the talent was one chase movie by Ang Lee (The Chosen) and each of the short films starred Clive Owen as The Hire. Those films are no longer easily available for download -- at least not on BMW's site -- but they've come up with another low-key marketing campaign. Check out their just-launched BMW Audio Books. They're new short stories that have been written by contemporary writers specially for this new series. The stories are in MP3 format and there are currently four available. Authors include John Winslow, James Flint, Simon Kernick and Karin Slaughter (of course, each story features a BMW!). I hand BMW a lot of credit for creative brand marketing!

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Chickadeeva said...

Yes Indeed - a product can be marketed in cool ways without dumbing it down - Rah!

I tried for years at Microsoft to get some creative stuff done - rarely did I get a green light.

I know, software and automobiles are different, but the human mind can always use an interesting thing to look at!