Monday, September 18, 2006

Why They Keep Re-Designing the Hundred Dollar Bill

I generally try to post quirky, odd beat or humorous stuff on this blog. There's enough political ranting out there already. But once in a while, I see a piece that catches my attention as something that coud be an interesting read for everyone.

This old article posted on the BBC News site made a lot of sense. Apparently, the North Korean regime has been running an ongoing enterprise (I don't know what else you could call something of this scale) to produce the most incredibly perfect counterfeit US currency. And if you go back and look at all the re-designs of our bills, you'll see some correlation with Kim Jong-Il's printing presses. Incredible. And keep in mind that Saddam (and Iran) have also been high on the known list of government-sponsored counterfeiters. So now I wonder if we're flooding their markets with counterfeit money in THEIR currencies to retailiate and counter their stuff? (You gotta wonder!)

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