Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pass This On! An eBay Phishing Spoof!

I just got this very real looking e-mail that appears to be from eBay inviting me to join their PowerSellers. But you're told you only have 24 hours to take them up on this offer. And despite how authentic this e-mail looked, they still made a dopey grammatical error (Why you become a PowerSeller?).

When I hovered over the link in this e-mail, it showed a re-directed domain of so I simply checked who it was registered with through GoDaddy. And it turned out in fact to be registered with their Private Domain services down in Scottsdale, Arizona. People use the Private Domains by Proxy service for a number of reasons: one is for the privacy of avoiding all the junk mail and spam you get by making your information publicly available. Another reason is to hide who you really are underneath a couple of layers and hope you can get away with something before they shut you down. Sure looks like the second reason in this case.

When I clicked to the link, sure enough it took me to another site that had nothing to do with eBay but looked exactly like the eBay sign-in page asking for my user name and password. So typing in GoFuckYourself as my user name and FuckYou as the password simply took me back to the same page again. If you enter your real user name and password, they'd be into your account by now and trying to access your PayPal account too. Beware! I'll be sending this one along to the local FBI as well. Bastards. Please pass this one on to everyone you can.

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