Sunday, January 01, 2006

More Scoop on FREE 4-1-1 -- It's for REAL!

A lot of my friends wrote back to me on my earlier posting on a service called FREE 4-1-1; some of you are just wa-ay too skeptical. I posted about how you can get no-fee telephone listing information simply by dialing 1 (800) FREE 411. Guess what? It's real! Here's the confirmation on FREE 411 from, the Urban Legends site. Apparently they make money from occasionally slipping in a commercial (every third inquiry or so and it only lasts about 12 seconds -- very tolerable considering the cell phone companies charge you $1.50 for each call and your regular phone company charges at least 75¢ per call).

And here's a link to the demo they made at Demo 2005 where they raised $400,000 of seed funding to get off the ground. Not only that, they also started a website where you can look up numbers as well: You gotta love these guys -- goes to show that when everyone else starts getting greedy and charging too much, there's an opportunity in there somewhere! (And in case you want to know more about them, here's a link to their main website.)

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