Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hallowe'en Coming Soon

Well, heck -- I went to the store today and found a couple of aisles completely filled with Hallowe'en candy and goodies. Completely forgot that it was coming up at the end of the month already! Over the past week, it's gotten a lot cooler and wetter here in the Seattle area and the days are certainly getting shorter. It's like a switch went off on the first day of Fall. Anyway, someone sent me a self-running PowerPoint slideshow of Scott Cummins' fantastic pumpkins. It's about 1.75 Mb in size but well worth the download to watch it. You can also go to his website to look at more pumpkin carving masterpieces: PumpkinGutter. Keep in mind he's from Texas, so for all of you liberals out there: Don't get your underwear all twisted into a knot! It's all for fun!

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