Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stopping Rain at the Beijing Olympics

No other country has gone as far in trying to control virtually every aspect of the presentation of the Olympic Games, from minor details like uniforms all the way to the weather. China has placed an incredible amount of its prestige and standing in the global community and the Olympics in Beijing are the grand finale to China's entry as a world leader.

My brother, Albert, was among the first Western photojournalists allowed in certain parts of China in the 80's and he's been getting requests for many of his shots taken in Beijing in 1985. Albert's Beijing shots are being used as part of many Before & After photographic essays documenting the dramatic changes the city has undergone over the past two decades.
Portfolio Magazine has posted an interactive graphic detailing how a special Chinese Olympics group in charge of the weather plans to ensure that it doesn't rain on their parade.

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