Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Have to Share This Short Video

The awards and nominations speak for themselves:

O Kyklos tis Zois - The Circle of Life by Ilias Sounas

"Life constantly changes, as it comes full circle..."
Allegoric flash animation


  • 1st winner in The RealTime Film Festival at Flash category in Stuttgard, Germany 2006
  • a 2nd place winner in the Greek music channel MAD video contest 2005,
  • official nomination in the Bitfilm Festival. Hamburg, Germany 2005
  • official nomination in The Greatest Story Never Told Flash Contest III 2006
  • official nomination in Animatu Festival at Shorts 2D Category, Beja, Portugal 2006
  • official nomination in Castelli Animati Festival (international short film category), Roma, Italy 2006
  • official nomination and "Mention of Quality" recognition in Torino Flash Festival, Turin, Italy 2007
  • official nomination in Kino Festival, Bucharest, Romania 2007
  • official nomination in Platforma Festival, Athens, Greece 2007
  • official screening in Cao Amarelo event, Pihnal Novo, Portugal 2007
  • official screening in PaperBag event, Brighton, UK, 2008

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