Thursday, April 27, 2006

Print and Show This to Your Boss!

Ziff Davis Publishing just published a short article by Jim Louderback on web surfing at work. Apparently, a New York judge ruled in favor of employees who had been admonished for spending too much time online instead of working (!). Here's the clip along with the link to their more extensive article. The longer piece also cites several studies to make the case that on-the-job surfing actually benefits employers and employees alike. Bring out that porn, Fred!

"It's OK to Web Surf on Company Time

I'll bet you wish you worked in NYC — or if you do, enjoy reading and exploring these links at work, because it's perfectly legal! That's because a New York judge has just ruled that it is perfectly OK to surf the Internet during company hours. Check out our story for more, and then print it out and show your boss. And when you're exercising your inalienable right to Web surf, might I suggest or Great places to spend some quality time away from work — while you're there!"

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