Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Visit to New Orleans

Well, I had to be in New Orleans for a couple of days earlier this week. A veritable hodgepodge of Southern life for better or worse. (More to come about my motel room stay on my RobertinSeattle blog.) But there's always humor everywhere you go. Next door to the TraveLodge I stayed at was the BG Mart owned and run by a Chinese family in a black neighborhood. Great sign outside -- so appealing I actually had to run in and order some takeout late one night! Sweet-and-sour-chicken with an egg roll and black-beans-and-rice on the side! Yum-mmm! (Really -- it was great!)

What was even cooler was the chicken coop built on the side (look at the fenced pen on the right of the picture behind the car); they had a dozen or so prize chickens running around ready for the next week's chicken dishes! Got too dark to take another picture of the chickens (I also didn't want to get shot...) Posted by Hello

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