Monday, February 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Sarah Silverman Video

In case some of you missed it a while back, Sarah Silverman shot a video that went viral online almost overnight. She's been dating Jimmy Kimmel and I'm sure it must be a riot any time you put two comedians together. I can take her humor or leave it but I've always enjoyed Kimmel's stunts with Adam Carolla on The Man Show. So last night, I'm sitting in bed working away with The Jimmy Kimmel Show on the TV and this new video makes its debut on his show. I was ROTBLMAO (rolling on the bed laughing my ass off).

Here's the original Sarah Silverman "I'm f*ckin' Matt Damon!"

And here's Jimmy Kimmel's response from last night, "F*ckin' Ben Affleck!" video.

And of course, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are best friends. What an elaborate gag!

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