Monday, January 28, 2008

Could you pass the US citizenship test?

The Boston Globe posted 14 questions from the list of 100 questions used on the U.S. citizenship test. To pass, you have to answer 7 or 8 questions correctly out of 10.

Years ago, I remember studying for days on end before going in for my Green Card test years ago only to have the immigration guys ask me 3 idiot questions like, " Who would be in line to be President if something should happen to the current President?" After answering the three questions correctly, I asked the immigration officer, " What about the 13 colonies? How about the number of congressmen and senators?" He simply looked at his list and - without even looking up or so much as blinking and eye - answered, "I don't see those questions on the list." When prodded, he did volunteer that the people who tend to fail the test were mostly Canadians and Brits who spoke English and assumed that they would know the answers without studying.

Anyway, surprise yourself. Try the test!

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