Friday, March 17, 2006

Having Fun Reading

When my kids and I first arrived in Seattle nearly 9 years ago (!), we were happy to find out that it had one of the most voracious appetites for book reading in the county. I don't know if you'd attribute it to the rainy weather or the dark days while riding the Metro buses to get around but you sure see a lot of people with their noses in books all the time. Hmm -- maybe that's why Amazon started up in Seattle...

In any event, Michelle and Brian Watters from Pickering, Ontario (Canada, eh?) decided to have some fun with book covers. Actually, the dust jackets that wrap around them. Most people just can't help looking at the cover of the books that other people are reading across the aisle from them on the bus. So what if you had a book that was titled, "How to Murder a Complete Stranger and Get Away with It."? Or how about other delightful conversation-starters like, "Do-it-Yourself Dentistry" or "How to Make your Grandmother a Porn Star." Or maybe the ever-popular "Perfecting the Art of Fart Projection"? Oh -- and my personal favorite, "The Nutritional Benefits of Nose Picking." You can view and purchase these great dust jackets on their site, FlapArt. Order a couple today and impress your friends!

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