Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oh what the hell... And here's Google Labs.

Here are all the links to the latest goodies that Google has been working on, Betas and all. Some you may never have even known existed. Their skunkworks is called Google Labs. It really looks like these guys have the wind behind them and there's such tremendous momentum to their phenomenal success that companies like Microsoft will be truly hard-pressed to catch up for a while. These guys have figured out a real Interenet-based model, much like eBay settled into their model for being a global community trading platform. The Internet presented a way to generate AND aggregate a whole lot of information. Finding ways to search for and organize that dynamic flood of data is the challenge and opportunity. People are turning even more to the Internet for all of their information search needs -- like maps and pictures -- and presenting them with really cool ways to find it all seems to be Google's primary mission. Everyone else seems to have lost their way, including Yahoo! Another clear example of right place, right time, I suppose.

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